Safe Food Preparations for Holiday Travel

If there's one thing that comes to mind in many people's plans for those anticipated holidays, then you can bet that it's food! Whether it's for a short or long trip to grandma's house for that festive feast, or running to make it on time for that lakeside picnic, we at Nissan of Cleveland know that having the right transportation and portable items to bring food anywhere is a must! Below are some good, safe and practical tips for bringing your delicious meals or picnic snacks to that special event in McDonald or beyond.

Successful Food Transporting Ideas

  1. Use towels wrapped around the food item container, or keep hot food warm or by using specially-designed thermos containers.
  2. Be sure to have some plastic or old material sheets to put underneath the food containers to protect the seat cover as well.
  3. Old newspaper soaks up any excess condensation on the outside of your cold food items, and also absorbs spills.

If you make a lifestyle habit of outdoor events or special holiday visits, then be sure to visit our dealership to see which car would be better suited for food deliveries.

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