Sneak Peek of the New Nissan LEAF and Its ProPILOT Assist Technology

There has been a lot of news in the automotive industry about autonomous driving technology, and for a good reason. The infrastructure for transportation is on the brink of a paradigm shift, and automakers are racing to establish their place amidst the evolution. One brand currently paving the way is Nissan which has recently announced that its new Nissan LEAF will come with ProPILOT Assist.

Developed by none other than Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the division responsible for inventing the latest driving technologies, this driver-assistance tool relieves the stress of driving in congestion. It will help you maintain control over steering, accelerating, and braking so you can stay within your lane without a hassle. In many ways, it is an advanced variant of the features within the Nissan Safety Shield collection.

This is just one way Nissan is reimagining the driving experience for its consumers. Until it eventually goes up for sale, we suggest you keep watch on our Nissan of Cleveland blog to learn more. Or you can always visit our Nissan dealership at McDonald, Tennessee, to get a look at previous Nissan LEAF models and what their capabilities are like.

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