What are Hygroscopic Brake Fluids?

Brake fluids come in many different varieties. Some kinds of brake fluids react with the surrounding environment more than other kinds of fluid. Hygroscopic brake fluids are one type of reactive fluid, and they easily combine with water in any form.

Brake fluids need to transmit enormous pressures from the master cylinder to the wheel cylinders. These pressures can sometimes reach thousands of pounds per square inch, which is the amount of force necessary to bring most vehicles to stops. Under normal circumstances, most brake fluids are incompressible and thus stand up to the pressure well. Hygroscopic fluids absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, and over time can become saturated with liquid and compressible. When this fluid comes under pressure, it can form steam and cause brake failure.

Fluid aging and deterioration are inevitable, but you can keep your brake fluids fresh by giving your brake system regular check-ups. Here at our McDonald, TN facility, our certified and experienced brake technicians are eager to help you maintain and repair your brake systems. Stop by Nissan of Cleveland today for a no-obligation meeting.

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