A Few Facts About Synthetic Motor Oil

Of all the fluids your car needs to operate at optimal levels, motor oil is perhaps the most important. Motor oil lubricates all the moving parts inside your engine, and it keeps the motor clean and free from corrosion. The automotive market is full of different types of oil, including petroleum-based conventional oil and synthetic oil. Here we take a brief look at synthetic oil.

Synthetic motor oils are artificially made using modified petroleum. Instead of using crude oil, manufacturers can use raw materials to create synthetic oil. According to many tests, synthetic oil performs much better than conventional oil. The tests show that the synthetic version of motor oil loses fewer molecules than its conventional counterpart, which means you would not need to top off your car as much as you would with petroleum-based products.

Which kind of motor oil should you choose and does your car require synthetic oils? Come see us Nissan of Cleveland in beautiful McDonald, TN and let one of our automotive techs answer all your motor oil questions.

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