Towing Safety Tips

If you have the right size vehicle, you can tow a trailer or camper without much difficulty. It's important to remember not to exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle so as not to damage your vehicle and have the need to prematurely visit the car repair and maintenance facility nearest you. There are a few other important things to remember when towing.

Before towing a camper or trailer, verify that the brake and safety lights are in sync. Also, double check that the trailer is safely connected to the towing hitch. If you are using towing mirrors for your vehicle, make sure that they are adjusted properly to provide a good view on both sides of the vehicle. Before setting off, check the air pressure in all the tires for proper inflation.

Before towing, you might want to get your vehicle thoroughly inspected. Contact the service department at Nissan of Cleveland. The service professionals can check your vehicle and make sure that it is in good shape for towing.

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