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Hablamos Español - We Speak Spanish!

We Speak Spanish at Mountain View Nissan of Cleveland!

At Mountain View Nissan of Cleveland, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to everyone who walks through our doors. To offer the finest, most transparent service possible at our Nissan dealership in McDonald, TN , we employ Spanish-speaking staff who are always ready to help. We believe in employing experts who reflect our diverse community at large, which is why we have employees who speak fluent Spanish on our staff. No matter the reason for your visit at Mountain View Nissan of Cleveland, you’ll enjoy all the assistance you need when you meet with our Spanish-speaking employees.

Frank Villalona

Whether you visit our Tennessee Nissan dealership to finance a new Nissan or buy a used car, our Spanish-speaking employees will be there right with you at every step of the way. Frank Villalona, Business Manager, is fully prepared to guide you through the entire car-buying process and will answer any questions you have while at our dealership. If you need to secure auto financing, buy Nissan parts or schedule Nissan service in McDonald, TN , rest assured that we have fluent Spanish-speaking staff who always put you first!

We believe that language should never pose a barrier to driving a reliable new or pre-owned Nissan. If Spanish is your first language, head to Mountain View Nissan of Cleveland and ask to speak with our Spanish-speaking employees!