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Did you have a great experience with our sales team or Nissan Service Center? Let us know what you think. May you just have a few suggestions about how to make the car buying process a little smoother for future customers. We want to know that too! Customer reviews are the perfect way to let everyone know what you love about our Nissan of Cleveland dealership. As a reviewer, you have the opportunity to provide feedback and help us improve the customers' experience while also learning what areas might require additional attention moving forward.

Here at Nissan of Cleveland, we're happy to learn of all the ways we can help our McDonald TN & Chattanooga area customers when shopping for new Nissan models or pre-owned vehicles. And we know online reviews play a big part! If you want to comment about your experience with our Nissan dealership, we want to hear about it! Your opinion is highly valued to our sales and service staff because we know how much time and effort it takes in order to provide your honest thoughts via our Google+,, Yelp and Edmunds sites.

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Reading customer reviews is often one of the first steps in the car buying process. This way, you can get a better idea of what to expect from our McDonald, TN Nissan dealer without ever leaving your home. We encourage all of our new car shoppers and Chattanooga, Cleveland, TN & Collegedale area visitors to let us know about their time here on our lot.


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